Asian Nanostructures Technology Company (ANSTCO) is the Iranian leading knowledge-based company in design and fabrication of electrospinning machinery and production of a wide variety of organic and inorganic nanofibers and nanoparticles through electrospinning and electrospraying processes. Fabricating various types of electrospinning machinery and nanofibrous products in large scales, ANSTCO paves the way for academic and industrial development in nanotechnology. The proposed technology provides the supporting means for innovations and inventions at various levels in nanotechnology fields. Offering a great variety of nano-scaled products, ANSTCO makes the nanotechnology applications possible.

We have been actively involved in design and fabrication of various versatile full-automatic electrospinning machines from laboratory to industrial scales which are successfully commercialized and being utilized in both academia and industry. We have recently designed and fabricated novel hybrid machines for mass production of nanofibers amalgamating electrospinning and solution blown processes.
Also, we have successfully developed several nanofibrous products including wound dressings, nanofibrous membranes for water purification via membrane distillation, air filters, superabsorbent materials, and nanofibrous tissue scaffolds for skin and vascular tissue engineering. We have commercialized some nanofibrous products and attempting to commercialize more innovative products collaborating with several private companies and investors.

Nowadays, nanofibrous products are of significant importance from both theoretical and practical standpoints. They absolutely have noticeable impacts on the pillars of sustainability: economy, society, and environment.


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